Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Sprinkles storage condition?
Sprinkles keep best when placed in a well-sealed container and stored in a dry location, away from sunlight,moisture and at room temperatures.
Can I order customised sprinkle mixes?
Are your sprinkles all Edible?
Of course they are! :) 
Sugar Chic is ONLY purchasing "Edible" components from the best suppliers all around the world. Sugar Chic Sprinkles are completely edible and are all legally registered and approved as safe items in UAE.
What is the Shelf-life of your Sprinkles?
What is the difference between your sprinkles types?
What is your return policy?

Due to hygienic reasons, goods sold are not returnable. While exchange of goods will be allowed in the following occurrences

* Delivery/Collection of a wrong item that has not been invoiced/ordered.

* Delivery/Collection of a damaged item.

However, we shall not be able to consider any claims after 3 days from the date of Delivery/Collection and/or packages with broken seal due to food safety concerns.

Allergy Information
What is the difference between your sprinkles and others?
  • Sugar Chic sprinkle are made from components purchased from world class manufacturers. We are obliged to maintain the high quality for all our products and have the items that are fresh, crunchy, super tasty and smell nice while  some items are vegan/vegetarian.
  • We are regularly making new mixes to please different tastes and requests. Our mixes are made by love and innovation, blending different colours and shapes to make a piece of art. Looking for new components and colours all the time, and that make our mixes unique and special.
  • We make sure that ALL our items are "Halal" as well!
  • Sugar Chic sprinkles do NOT have big hard components that make the mix difficult to chew/eat . Our round shape items are either chocolate/crispy core balls that are soft and crispy or sugar core pearls with diameter equal or less than 8mm diameter. We have silver Macaron Rods in some of our mixes that usually are for decoarion purpose, however still they are still edible but hard to chew though ;) 
Why should I buy your sprinkles while I can make my own?
Are your Sprinkles "Halal"?

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