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Sugar Chic is born out of a passion for cake decorating with Sprinkles and Sparkles, the joy of creating lovely blend of colours and shapes that not only envision any baker’s dream but also amazingly enhance the taste. Dream interpretation has many forms; it can be done for the sake of fun and certainly Sprinkles are fun to work with. Sugar Chic is constantly striving for excellence in its range of products by sourcing the best manufacturers, while keeping up the innovation spirit and creativity mindset.

 Life is what you Bake of it! But Love is how you decorate it! That's why Sugar Chic loves you :)

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High Quality

Sugar Chic has one unquestioned Rule, 'High Quality'.
We strive to provide great products that offer you the best quality and baking experience.


Our goal is to offer an impressive array of products with highest quality to keep our customers satisfied, the professional cake makers or anyone with a baking passion. 


The Most Important Person for us is YOU. We are here to assist you with your purchases and also new ideas and products around for your regular baking or bespoke cakes.


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